• "The thing I like about acting is being able to lose yourself completely in someone else.”
  • “I'm not that comfortable when I get recognized."
  • “The quality most important to me, in the films I make, is honesty.”
  • "I don't really want to do the Hollywood thing. I think you ought to try to say something with your movies."
  • "I don't care if people like my character. I just want them to think about the movie's message."
  • "When I feel strongly about something, I'm not so quiet."
  • "Judging people you don't know for things you don't understand is just really stupid."
  • "When I was 12, I realized I was very uncomfortable having my parents on set. So I told them that, and they understood."
  • “As a girl, you're supposed to love Sleeping Beauty. I mean who wants to love Sleeping Beauty when you can be Aladdin?”
  • “I'm a tomboy from Nova Scotia.”
  • “I do think I’m totally romantic, it's disgusting.”
  • “Anyone who gets me is really lucky because I'm not really crazy about jewelry or flowers.”
  • “I'm obviously not an actor for awards but of course it's exciting and it's lovely when people like what you did.”
  • “Brad Pitt has not sent me a card, no, which I'm furious about!”
  • “I come in at night and expect to see some transparent slut at the top of the stairs.” [über ihr Zuhause in Halifax, einem ehemaligen Bordell aus dem 19. Jahrhundert, indem sie eine Zeit lang gewohnt hat]
  • “It was an intense movie and the response was polarized -- which was great, because it stuck in people's minds. That film has helped me immensely.” [über den Film Hard Candy]
  • “I'm a total shrimp, which makes me look younger. I'll be able to stay in that area longer, which is good, because there's more competition in your 20s.” [über ihr jugendliches Erscheinungsbild]
  • “I would just tell her that I adore her, and I think ‘Horses’ is one of the greatest albums of all time. Her music paralyzes me. It is so beautiful, and it makes me want to rip my clothes off and run through the streets!” [über ihr Idol Patti Smith]
  • “For the role in An American Crime, when I played someone who was starved and tortured, I lost a lot of weight, and my body and my mind were drained. After that people told me, You really need to do a comedy. And I said I am -- I'm playing a 16-year-old who gets pregnant!”
  • “You can choose who you want to be the hero [in Hard Candy], but you'll be second-guessing yourself -- there's just no right answer. Our society is obsessed with finding good and finding evil, but I think we're all capable of anything.”
  • “It's much simpler to be tortured on camera or to be filmed losing your mind. Whereas a script that has characters who are honest, witty and genuine... is often much harder to act.”
  • “There are a lot of really intelligent teenage girls and boys who are unique and don't just listen to and dress like like Britney Spears, and who don't just want to fuck the hot guy.”
  • “I loved that this girl was mature in some ways, and naive in other ways. Juno is different from what we normally see in films about teenagers -- but at the same time she has a lot in common with most of the people I knew in high school. There are a lot of really intelligent teenage girls and boys who are unique and don't just listen to and dress like Britney Spears, and who don't just want to fuck the hot guy.”
  • “What I like about the film [Juno] is that it tackles an issue that we often treat as this really heavy, dark event and we look at it with a different perspective. She's extremely independent. She finds adoptive parents before she even tells her parents. I just think it's nice to not dwell in darkness.”
  • “When I was 5, someone thought it was smart to let me watch 'The People Under the Stairs.' It might not even been that scary, but I do remember skinned people in cages under the stairs and a man who lived in a wall without a tongue...And that's why I cry after sex.”
  • "They [her terrier-cross named Sprout and 10-year-old beagle named Julie] are just the greatest little things on the planet. I'm so in love with them it's crazy and they keep me from going out partying because I'm like, 'You know what? My beagle is going to get me up at 6am because it's breakfast time, so I've got to go to bed'. Going home to Nova Scotia and spending time with my dogs and being close to nature just helps me remain whole and hopefully I'll continue to keep the rest of the world in perspective."
  • “I went to Oregon to study permaculture and lived in an eco-village for a month outside Eugene. It’s called Lost Valley. It was amazing and exactly what I needed. You’re learning how to live in a holistic way with the cycles of the Earth. At one point I was digging goat manure and putting it into a wheelbarrow, and while shovelling it, I just went, ‘Oh, my God, this is exactly what I want to be doing right now.”
  • “I’m not a fancy person. I love small spaces. I like tiny cars. I don’t buy things, aside from music and books. I don’t get loads f attention and maybe it’s because I’m kind of boring. I don’t think I’m boring, but I have different interests. I don’t go out much, not because I’m hiding but because I’m not a big drinker. I go out and have a good time, I go to concerts and stuff.”
  • "I'm in the delivery room, and I'm in labor. It's not painful, but I feel -- off. There's something wrong. Also, I notice that I'm wearing roller skates. The doctor, who's Drew Barrymore for some reason, tells me to push, and I do, and I hear the nurses kind of gasp. I ask what's wrong, but no one will tell me, not Nurse Eve or Nurse Juliette Lewis or anybody. I push one more time, just so I can see what's wrong with the baby, and suddenly Michael Cera comes out, fully grown and covered with afterbirth. 'Ellen, what's up?' he says. 'Wanna get a burrito after this?' I scream, and that's when I wake up." [über ihren verrücktesten Traum]
  • “My nipples could cut diamonds” [Zitat vom kalten Filmset von SUPER in Shreveport, Louisiana, als Ellen nur mit Unterwäsche bekleidet auf dem Rücksitz von Rainn Wilsons Buick sass]
  • “Usually, I could care less if my friends see my movies or not. In Nova Scotia I like to leave my job behind. So when friends say, 'Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see that one', I don't care. But 'Inception' was different. I was like, "Go see this!"
  • "There are a lot of things I love about acting and one of the things I love the most is, here you are taking words off a page, working with someone you might have met just a week before, and somehow you’re creating a moment that separates itself from space and time. You feel an incredible rush when you have that moment with another actor. You can feel it bounce off one another. Every take you do can reveal different things that were hiding. And things outside the story get revealed to you, too. It’s an incredible way to work and to experience a story."
  • "I would rather be working none stop all day. I would rather be just emotionally exhausting and physically exhausting, and sit down for maybe half an hour at lunch and than keep going until the day is done rather than wait around all day."
  • "I expected so much more hate. It was just remarkably positive, which is beautiful, because it’s indicative of the change that’s happening." [über ihre Coming-Out Erfahrung]
  • “Don’t tell me that the love I feel is any different than the love a heterosexual person feels. Don’t tell me it’s not equal.”
  • “Now I’m gay, I can’t play a straight person?”
  • “The thing I get most hate about on social media is being a feminist. It blows my mind.”
  • “I felt guilty for not being a visible person for the community, and for having the privilege that I had and not using it.”

Zitate anderer Personen

  • “Takes the limelight on her and shines it on something bigger than herself”
    (US-Vizepräsident Joe Biden)
  • “She's so sweet. You wouldn't know it from her roles. She always plays these plucky, wise-cracking, loudmouths that are too wise for their years. She's very, very shy and retiring, and very sweet and humble. She's just good at accessing those characters.”
    (SUPER Co-Star Rainn Wilson)
  • “Ellen has been a great spokesperson for Cisco Telepresence as she represents the type of “every-person” who can benefit from it’s use. First we showed her using the business product in B2C situations in spots that ran last year (doctor’s office, classrooms, etc). This year we’re showing her using our new Cisco Umi consumer product – with her real-life friends in commercials that were shot unscripted. In this way the main benefit of the product — authentic communication with people you care about, is communicated. Ellen works for us because of her down-to-earth personality and authenticity — she’s not a “stuck-up” type of movie star, but a “girl next store” personality that people recognize, care about, and respect.”
    (Ken Wirt, Vizepräsident des Verbrauchermarketings von Cisco Systems)
  • "Ellen is going to rock it [...] I'm loving working with her [...] Just wrapped Ellen Page. She's been an incredible partner on this journey! I'll miss her!"
    (SUPER Regisseur James Gunn)
  • “Watching dailies has convinced me Ellen Page comes from same gene pool as Springsteen: throws so much energy into performance.”
    (SUPER Produzent Ted Hope)
  • "Ellen Page has been a dream to work with, so lovely, sweet and talented [...] We picture wrapped Ellen Page & soon the whole film. Loved working with her a true joy & I hope to get the chance again.”
    (SUPER Regieassistent Sheri Davani)
  • "Ellen Page may just be the cutest actress in the world [...] Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson are my new favorite actors to watch! Can anyone say Chemistry!”
    (Miranda Bailey von Ambush Entertainment [Produktionsfirma von SUPER])
  • "Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson are amazing in this movie and they are incredibly devoted to James and nice people."
    (Schauspieler und SUPER Co-Star Lloyd Kaufman)
  • "She's a tremendous athlete, and an amazing person to hang with.”
    (Inception Skilehrer Matt Mosteller)
  • “Ellen Page is incredible and people really root for her in the movie and in life and I’m so lucky that she’s the person I got to do this with. I'm honored.” [...] "I called Ellen 'Small Newman'. She's as tiny as anything you've ever seen, and Paul Newman was always such an inspiration for me."
    (Schauspielerin und Whip It Regiesseurin Drew Barrymore)
  • “She’s awesome, an uncompromising one-of-a-kind renegade. She’s very young but has somehow managed not to get warped priorities by all that Hollywoodland attention.”
    (Schauspielerin und Whip It Co-Star Juliette Lewis)
  • “She is a bundle of joy. She's one of my best friends. Sometimes, you have friends with whom, when you see each other on a set, you get a natural high. Every time we were on set, we really were able to ignite each other and, hopefully, it comes across. She's great. We've traveled together. We've since been to Amsterdam, London, Paris and all over. She's a good traveling buddy. And, we're writing together.”
    (Schauspielerin und Whip It Co-Star Alia Shawkat)
  • “She’s a really great, super-nice person and she kind of just likes everybody. [...] Ellen is amazingly professional. She is one of the most intriguing people that I know. She's a tough nut to crack, and that makes her all the more tantalizing.”
    (Musiker und Whip It Co-Star Landon Pigg)
  • “She was such a delight, and the whole shoot was really amazing. We shot it up in Iowa, and we had so many cool experiences. We had to take shelter from tornadoes—the tornado sirens literally interrupted our scenes. I don’t know where [Ellen] gets the maturity for a girl her age. She brings such sophistication to the character and such a level of empathy. And what I really love about her is that she seems to be untouched by the level of fame that’s fallen down on her. It’s very refreshing.”
    (Peacock Co-Star Cillian Murphy)
  • “Ellen is exactly like you'd expect: serious, thoughtful, funny, smart and beautiful."
    (Peacock Co-Star Susan Sarandon)
  • “The icons are younger now but there are plenty of them who are not pop tarts - Anne Hathaway, for one... Emily Blunt, Ellen Page in Juno. And there are dozens more.”
    (Schauspielerin Joan Collins über die jungen Stars in Hollywood)
  • "I can’t give Ellen Page advice, she’s too smart.”
    (Oscar Anwärter und Schauspieler George Clooney)
  • “There is an amazing young actress named Ellen Page in it who you might be familiar with. She's from Hard Candy and X-Men 3. She's got a ton of movies coming out. She's kind of taking the industry by storm which is weird because she's like 4'11" and probably weights 95lbs, but she's just preternaturally gifted like Leonardo DiCaprio was in ‘This Boy's Life’, just a force, a force to be reckoned with.” [...] “Ellen is so gifted it’s hard to fully comprehend it. She has nuances to her performance that I think are very rare. I think this must be what Leonardo DiCaprio was like as a teenager.”
    (Smart People Co-Star Thomas Haden Church)
  • “She was fantastic. She did this movie before ‘Juno’ and she’s like Marlon Brando. She has the ability to do anything and make it compelling.”
    (Smart People Co-Star Dennis Quaid)
  • “Our meeting took place in a Burger King at Newark Airport. I came in from Pittsburgh and Ellen flew in from Canada. I saw her small figure and frame walking towards me and I just knew in that instant that she was the genius I was looking for. I feel very blessed to have had this chance to work with her.” [...] “To work with someone like Ellen, right off the bat, in a second, you know you’re working with someone who is bigger than anything.”
    (Smart People Regisseur Noam Murro)
  • “Ellen Page is as arresting and soulful a performer as I have seen in a very long time."
    (Juno Produzent und Schauspieler John Malkovich)
  • "She is a master fighter pilot. The only other actor I’ve ever worked with like that is Charlize Theron. The difference is Charlize is almost six feet tall, so when she comes out with that energy, you expect it, because she is a lion. When Ellen Page comes out with it, it’s like the dark matter of the universe. That much energy is not supposed to exist in someone so small."
    (Juno Regisseur Jason Reitman)
  • “I think Ellen Page, as a person, informed a lot about the movie and the music. She’s just an interesting personality and such an amazing person, that she couldn’t help but put her stamp on things.”
    (Juno Drehbuchautorin Diablo Cody)
  • “She reminds me of a young Audrey Hepburn. There is something beautifully feminine about her and yet she’s playing this incredibly tough, cool character. She’s fearless. I’ve just been so impressed with her and I adore her. She’s amazing.” [...] “Ellen is remarkable. She looks like she's 10 years old, but she's wise beyond her years, she's incredibly self-possessed, like Juno. She didn't seem to get too worked up about things, she just did her work and wasn't as neurotic as a lot of young actors are. She'd be uncomfortable with all the hoopla around the movie. For her it's all about the work. I liked her a lot, she's really cool.”
    (Juno Co-Star Allison Janney)
  • “She’s just a beautiful and incredible actress. The minute we started rehearsal, I thought, who are you, and where did you come from, and how did Jason [Reitman] find you? She’s gonna blow people out of the water. She’s going to be a very important actress.”
    (Juno Co-Star Jennifer Garner)
  • "I think Ellen Page is hott, double-t hott. All that sexual tension will probably be on the 25th-anniversary DVD as the torrid erotic scenes between Rollo and Juno. I think they bathe in a bathtub of Sunny D and get it on."
    (Juno Co-Star Rainn Wilson)
  • “Ellen Page actually auditioned for the second Ginger Snaps. She said, 'Oh, I'm such a huge fan of yours,' which is kind of funny coming from someone who's now an Oscar-nominated actress."
    (Schauspielerin und Juno Co-Star Emily Perkins)
  • “Michael and Ellen are the most humble, easy people to work with. Ellen was a half-hour in hair and make-up, which is not normal for a female actor. Normally you're looking at an hour and a half.”
    (Zweiter Hilfsregisseur von Juno Josy Capkun)
  • "Ellen's performance never winks at itself, even though the character compulsively does so. Watching her play is nothing short of astonishing."
    (ihr guter Freund Ben Foster über Juno)
  • “I'm kind of obsessed with Ellen Page right now. I think I've seen Juno four times. I like to just stare at her. She's pretty incredible.”
    (Schauspielerin Christina Applegate)
  • “Ellen's tougher than I am. She could take me, man. Unless I'm scrappier than I appear. Which I might be.”
    (Schauspielerin Amy Adams auf die Frage “In an Amy Adams vs. Ellen Page "It Girl" smackdown, who wins?”)
  • "It's all about Ellen. She's gorgeous." [...] "What I like about the film [Juno] is that it tackles an issue that we often treat as this really heavy, dark event and we look at it with a different perspective. She's extremely independent. She finds adoptive parents before she even tells her parents. I just think it's nice to not dwell in darkness."
    (Schauspielerin Isla Fisher, die Juno gesehen hat und nun für die Hauptdarstellerin schwärmt)
  • “She’s courageous and intelligent and refreshing. A lot of people want to be actors but their motivation is to be famous, to be a celebrity. With Ellen, her aim is true.”
    (The Tracey Fragments Regisseur Bruce McDonald)
  • “I admire the fact that she has stayed away from typical teen projects and makes unique choices in her performances. She really is singular and unparalleled. I would love to have her confidence, to not be afraid to make the more intimidating choices in my acting.” [...] “Though I think I consider my first big thing to be An American Crime. Working with Ellen Page and Catherine Keener on that film taught me so much about acting, just watching how they worked was amazing. [...] I do like Ellen, she has really unique and has made unique choices in her choices.“
    (An American Crime Co-Star Hayley McFarland über die Arbeit mit Ellen, ihre Erfahrungen am Set und ihre Vorbilder)
  • “I knew of Ellen just because I’m a fan. I had seen “Hard Candy” and like everyone else, was blown away by her. When I heard she was interested, it definitely added to the credibility of the whole thing. For me, I just assumed we were going to be partners and we were. We were in it together and for each other, whichever way we had to go.”
    (An American Crime Co-Star Catherine Keener)
  • “I'm very proud of her. She was just incredible. You could tell that even then when she was 15. You knew she had this ridiculous head on her shoulders, an enormous amount of talent and passion for what she was doing. The film we made was a tough film to make, and she was the main part in that. It was tough. I remember she had to shave her head bald, which she did willingly. I keep thinking our paths might cross, but they haven't. I've seen our photos next to each other, but our paths haven't crossed yet. I hope so, as it'll be great to see her.”
    (Mouth to Mouth Co-Star Jim Sturgess)
  • "She still lives in Halifax, and I am pretty sure she'll just come home and stay at home. Fame is a tough ride, it's a very tough ride. There's a tremendous amount of expectations on her but she's got a really good head on her shoulders."
    (Hard Candy Co-Star Sandra Oh)
  • "This is a young lady with a really strong character, and being at this school would maybe help reaffirm that for her."
    (Steve Mustain, Rektor der Shambhala School in Halifax)
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